Reliable support in every way!

Our Policy


It can be a daunting task trying to comply with all of the legal regulations in a foreign country and foreign language.

At Etain, we don't think you should have to.


Growth, Efficiency, Security.

This is our promise to you. We want to help your buisness grow, expand securely on the German market, and to cover your back at every turn.

Our specialised team is armed with all of the skills needed to do this, including:

Both English and German native speakers who will make sure that none of your company's personality and work gets lost in translation.

Years of experience in the German market and a thorough knowledge of all rules and regulations that need to be followed, many of which are often overlooked by less experienced agents.

Flexibility that allows us to cater to each business' individual needs, reducing unnecessary costs and emphasising the work most vital for you.


Most importantly, each and every member has proven to be a friendly, hard-working individual whose number and priority is customer satisfaction. We use this attitude to ensure that you are happy with your representatives and that your customers are happy with your product.

Conny Mohr

Founder and