Efficient services at reasonable prices!

At Etain Marketing, we understand that every penny counts, and that how you distribute your budget is important. Our system is very simple:

We charge a monthly fee for a special time frame, covering all costs of marketing. This fee depends on what service you need. Beyond that we operate on a comission basis. Everything is clear and transparent.

For an individual offer please get in contact so we can find out together what services are relevant for you.

We are happy to work with our client to agree on pricing, as we understand that flexibility and co-operation are the key to long term buisness partnerships.



For further information please get in contact with:


Samantha Fernance

International Project Management (based in Germany)


+49 (0)6745 9749 001


Nadya Rebar

International Junior Contact (based in London, GB)


+44 (0)74 6774 4169


Conny Mohr

General Management (based in Germany)


+49 (0)6745 974 9000