Well thought-out preperation, a goal-oriented active marketing campaign and constant service leads to sustainable success!

Concept Design

Working together, we will develop a detailed concept design to successfully achieve your goals for the German market. At Etain Marketing, we know how to adapt ideas to reach different audiences while retaining the original character of your company.

Target Market Analysis

Do you know who your customers are? Who are you selling to? We can help you establish this and more. Knowing who you are reaching and where to find them will make your marketing activity more focused, concise and relevant. Our unique marketing strategies will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Specialised Communication Service

Communication is everything in the business world and here at Etain we will ensure that the first contact with your customers gives you the highest chance of success. Our communication services are tailored to each individual situation and include:

  • Assembling a target audience database,
  • Presenting you and your product to your potential clients, including supplying brochures and samples if desired,
  • Providing you with your own personal German-based hotline service in accordance with German law.

Web and Print Media

Our team is well-equiped with native German and English speakers, making us the ideal partner for translating your company's current advertising schemes into German media. From multilingual website design to production of German advertisement material, we have the resources to make your information accessible to the German market.